Wearing A Saree? Allow These Hairstyles To Perfect Your Look

Hey, Indian women, we’re pretty sure your wardrobe has at least one saree, if not loads. It’s our culture, our glamour, and our best bet for ‘occasion wear.’ It continues to woo us all, despite all the modernity we are currently engulfed in.

However, sometimes, we fuss so much about the dress alone that we forget, it needs a little complement from the other aspects of fashion as well. Let’s be specific; we want to discuss hairdos that enhance the beauty of a traditional Indian sari.

Presenting 6 Hairdos That Go Well With Fashion, Designer, and Even Bridal Saree Products

1. A Chignon

Designer Saree

If you are naturally blessed with broad shoulders and a long neck, and you want to flaunt a sari, this hairdo is definitely for you. Tie your hair into a knot and pin it just at the nape region. You can also accessories it with jewelled hairpins and little blossoms. It makes a perfect complementary hairdo if your wedding bells are ringing and you are voraciously purchasing bridal saree products online, dying to wear them when D-Day arrives.

2. Simple, Straight Hair

Bridal Saree Products

If you are a low-maintenance girl (and still wish to drape a sari) you could wear your hair straight and simple. If your hair is not naturally straight, go for a chemical straightening now. There is nothing simple like this hairdo. In fact, it’s not a hairdo at all! You just have to let your hair loose and be yourself. Presto! Elegance is all yours. The style is simple especially when you are in a hurry. If you have the time, try puffing your hair a bit.

3. Those Beach Waves and Layers

Fashion Saree Products

This style makes your hair look voluminous. If you are planning to wear designer saree products, this is just the hairdo for you. Beach waves are currently very popular. If you don’t have them, you can also put on hair extension. Do visit a good parlour to have your tresses cut in neat layers. The beauty of this hairstyle is it suits every face type.

4. A High Bun

Designer Saree Products

You simply cannot deny the elegance it sprinkles on your overall appearance. If you have a lot of unruly bangs bothering you, it is the easiest hairdo to tuck them away. It is an attention drawing style and fit especially those who have high cheekbones. And yes, do not forget to adorn it with some beautiful hairpins and jewels.

5. A Puff Bun

Fashion Designer Saree

It could be a show stealer when you are attending a wedding. You just have to puff your hair at the perfect places, use sturdy hairpins to hold it, and tie the rest into a loose knot, much like a chignon. If you have thin hair, this style gives volume. If you are about to put on fashion saree products anytime soon, we highly recommend you try this amazing hairdo.

6. An Indian Braid

Designer Princess Saree

Ah, don’t we all love this hairdo? It’s easy to make and suits every Indian woman. Absolutely lady-like, this hairstyle is a heart winner everywhere. You can wear to any occasion, formal or casual, and win everyone’s praise. It is very much manageable and offers you a neat appearance. Bonus advantage – it keeps your hair from tangling!

Sarees –Forever Elegant, Forever Popular

Can you deny this? The attire has not lost even an ounce of its prominence and popularity over the years. In fact, it has been aggrandised. A nice hairdo will only go on to contribute to its sheer elegance. Say what?


Fashion Bridal Saree Products from Online Can Make Your 5 Pre-Wedding Ritual Astonishing

Relatives have arrived, cards have been sent across, and emails did their work of inviting farther people. Your wedding lehenga is all done, and jewellery too. But, don’t you think you are missing something major in the list? What about the outfits for pre-wedding functions?


Are you seriously going to wear the same salwars that you wore for your sister’s marriage or any other occasion? C’mon it’s your mehendi, sangeet, and haldi; and you have to look extremely gorgeous. In no way you can repeat your outfits. But, what to do now since everyone seems to be here.


The only option that you are left with is buying Fashion Saree Products Online and stealing the show.


Yes, you heard that right. Online is the best option now, when your wedding bells have already started to ring. The convenience and variety of choice can make you strike a difference.


Did you check out the beautiful print in the orange colour for your tilak? How about the peach lehenga saree for your mehendi? Confused must be the word. Worry not. Here we come for help.


  • Tilak Ceremony:
This ceremony would mark the beginning of your marriage. So, it needs to be holy. Why not wear something in middle of orange and red? Both the colours signify fire, and that embarks purity.
Designer Lehenga Saree5.jpg

Tilak Ceremony

You can wear this saree as it has the Benarasi Rich pallu, and hence has the tinge of an authentic marriage.


  • Engagement Ceremony:
This is one of those opulent ceremonies in your wedding where you have to look no short of a dream. And, hence you can choose to wear a piece like this:
Lehenga Saree1

Engagement Ceremony

The Koti design in the raw silk material would add a sheer stance in your glamour. And the rani pink jacket would you look elegant. Try a high rise bun and mojris with it, if you have a sober height. The rani pink dupatta would add the exact amount of beauty to your outfit.


It is advised that you mustn’t wear anything in the neck, but you must wear big jhumkas to complete the look. If you wish you can wear Gajra to have a finish.


  • Mehndi Ceremony:
It is regarded as one of the most auspicious ceremony of marriage. Did you know the mehendi helps your nerves to keep calm and not take the stress for marriage? After all, there is science in every ritual of Indian marriage.


Choose this golden hue for your mehendi ceremony. The mirror work will add a fine contrast with the dark brown colour of the mehendi. Add some gold jewellery and you are all set to steal the show.
Designer Lehenga Saree2

Mehndi Ceremony


  • Sangeet Ceremony:
Here comes the most enjoyable day in the entire celebration of marriage. On this day everyone, enjoys with pomp of joy and celebration. When there are Bollywood songs being played at the back, then why would sit idle?
Enjoy your own day with this beige coloured saree lehenga. The frills will allow you to move and groove around freely. And the red colour blouse will make you feel the bride-to-be!
Designer Lehenga Saree17

Sangeet Ceremony

  • Haldi Ceremony:
For the haldi, you must choose something in yellow or bright in colour. Search for Bridal Saree Products Online and, you will get a host of other options in yellow that will astound you.


Here ends the list of ceremonies. And you are all ready to wear your wedding lehenga and head towards the mandap.


When you will get the products sitting at home and in the fastest delivery mode, then why go out, get tanned and lesser your glamour. Open the laptop and quickly order.

Have a happy and gorgeous wedding.

7 Bollywood Movies That Inspired Indian Women To Shop For Designer Kurti Online

When it comes to fashion and style, we pick a lot from our very own Bollywood, don’t we? Isn’t the industry absolutely fashion forward? Every actor’s outfit seems to awe us and soon finds a home in our heart and wardrobe. We want to wear what the dramatic artists wear and go about hunting for ‘replica dresses.’ And we call it ‘cinema ishtyle.’

Designer Kurti Online

Designer Kurti Online

Oh, come ‘on! We ALL do it!

Now, amongst those many outfits inspired by the Indian Tinseltown, some have really stayed with us to become part of the mainstream. They have turned into our everyday costumes – the clothes that are most comfortable and convenient.

In this very thick of a plethora of choice lies the most favourite outfit of every modern Indian woman – designer kurtis. Yes, this apparel has found its place deep in the roots of Indian traditions and culture. Today, it’s a style statement every girl loves to flaunt.

Let’s check which Indian movies have inspired this attire in the recent past.

1.    Bunty Aur Babli (2005)


Who could possibly forget the lovely Babli (Rani Mukherjee) hopping around in her vibrantly coloured ensemble? This movie did set new trends in the fashion industry with every girl wishing to get into those iconic outfits.

2.    Love Aaj Kal (2009)


Deepika Padukone as Meera became an instant hit, especially with the Indian female crowd because of her attire in the movie. The actor flaunted some of the most beautiful printed kurtis we have ever seen in the glamour world. My, didn’t every girl dream of having one of those in her wardrobe!

3.    Rockstar (2011)


Nargis Fakhri as Heer Kaul looked so warm and chic in those pashminas and pastel coloured casual cotton kurtis, didn’t she? – A Kashmiri beauty at her best! The work on her attire was subtle yet beautiful. And we did love the movie, too.

4.    Bodyguard (2011)


Although the movie was not a box office hit, it did attract the eye of our Indian ladies for what Kareena Kapoor Khan was wearing in her role as Divya. The variety was huge, the colours were myriad, and her look had the power to make any guy go weak in the knees. Her desi appeal was indeed a show stealer.

5.    Raanjhanaa (2013)


Sonam Kapoor has always been a fashionista. She is considered a fashion icon and praised for her sense of style. And, in this movie too, Miss Kapoor pulled off her glam like a diva in her role as Zoya Haider. Adorned in the simplest of full sleeved cotton kurtas, she looked pretty and lovely. Such a trendsetter!

6.    Queen (2014)


Kangana Ranaut’s career-defining performance in this movie is an inspiration. A bonus was her set of outfits, which became a rage overnight. Rani Mehra was the girl next door every lady wanted to be. Hasn’t the character given us the confidence to roam around in Paris in a simple, non-glamorous kurta?

7.    Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015)


Another of Miss Ranaut’s hits, this movie portrays the curly haired actor in the character of Tanuja Trivedi, a nonchalant, outspoken girl dressed in seemingly ordinary outfits. A closer look and you’ll know her attires are way beyond ordinary. With intricate designs and energetic shades, these are the attires we’ve been waiting for.

Thus, started the trend of buying designer quote online…

In this attire, Indian women have found not just the mode, but comfort as well. A designer kurti online is a favourite choice because it is versatile. You can wear them with practically anything – from churidars to patialas to leggings, jeans, Capri pants, and even skirts!

Vasanchi Designer Kurti6

Vasanchi Designer Kurti

You could have them in any colour and any length, match them with any footwear of your choice, and wear any accessory that you like. It complements contemporary as well as traditional trends.

Most of all, it is a vent to our desire of wearing clothes, Bollywood style. In the truest sense, this attire oozes fashion from all over. Did any movie inspire you as well? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

Get Fashionable Saree Products Online When Living Out Of The Country

Online Shopping

Well, it doesn’t need any explanation that sarees and Indian women go hand in hand. Be it our moms, or the actresses on the television, they all look heavenly, whenever, they adorn a saree. Don’t you think, it just completes their look? Obviously there are other clothes which fit their persona very well, but nonetheless, a saree just completes their womanhood.

Now, when it is enough said and done, the six yards material that they like to wear is a common phenomenon. And, the accessibility to the regular saree is also very readily available everywhere. Therefore, it is not an impending task to get hold of a good shop where it is available.

What about Designer Sarees?


Designer sarees are the ones which needs the most of attention. Whenever, there is a marriage function at your home, you feel the need of buying a designer saree for yourself and for your relatives as well. And, why just any marriage ceremony, any ritual that demands you to look good cannot be completed without a fashionable designer saree.

In such scenario, is one day enough for you to shop for the best sarees in town? Guess, no! Therefore, the famous brands of India have come with an idea to give the best sarees under one site. You can choose the best among the lot from there.

The celebrity shopping spree


About the celebrities, they do not have time from their hectic schedules, so they completely depend on their designers or online shopping to choose among the best. The online sites help them in getting the exact bling that is needed for their dress up.

With the explicit designs that the sarees posses, it gives you the exact amount of extravaganza that you need to carry. When, everywhere in the country, it is worn with pride, then why not out of India?

online sarees

The famous brands have come with an idea of delivering the heavily embroidered saree to the NRIs or celebrities staying out of India. Therefore, you do not need to moan about the fact that you do not get the best of Indian sarees out of the country. Especially, the locales of United Kingdom have the advantage of ordering the beautifully knitted sarees online.

Fashion Saree Products Online is also the best products that can be considered for gifting someone who is a close relative of yours. What else can make them happier, if not a designer saree?

So do not hop around the market, instead sit in front of your laptop or computer and select the best sarees for yourself and for your closest kin.

Are you still thinking over the reasons to buy sarees online?

  1. The online sites have the most expansive collection of designer sarees online which you can’t miss to have. Many a times when you go to a shop, you return being disappointed. The reason being not to find the right saree for your occasion. Well, for a change you can trust the online sites and get the perfect saree for your ceremony.
  2. The collaboration of the best brands that comes under the quality products are available at a lower cost n comparison to the market.
  3. The materials that are available in the sites includes cotton, chiffon, zari, georgette, silk, velvet, net and whatever that you can dream of.
  4. The elegant design that the sarees have cannot be missed for a reason.
  5. The online sites have clarity in their work and also offer personalised shipping to their customers.

shop online